Friday, August 11, 2006

9 most mad accessories for iPod

Here already on an extent of 5 years popularity iPod beats all records. Also it is necessary to tell, that a merit of additional accessories at achievement of such success - considerable

The Device-Jukebox
I think, many saw, that in the American institutions of public catering and bars healthy units which incessantly play sad blues melodies or something more fast depending on a choice of visitors cost. For the order of music it is necessary to lower a coin and to choose the necessary track. After that the iron hand will put the necessary plate or a disk on a player and will start it.
Earlier such automatic devices stood at restaurants of the USA, now it can be put houses and to connect to it iPod

This addition to iPod just concerns categories "not transportable". To it the place -- in a drawing room, in an environment of the same subjects from 50th years of the USA. For connection of a player it is enough to establish of it on dock-station. All management, as well as in the present jukebox, is carried out by means of greater buttons and the screen where the name of a current track is displayed, and also its timing. The sound is provided with columns of manufacture Bose.Cost -- $9500.

Armchair-headphones for iPod

The considerable percent of users of a player listens to it, plying between the house and work. When the person reaches destination the player is usually put on a table (at the best) and within the whole day there is that "support" for casual folders, a victim of impacts and other force-majeur circumstances. Certainly, it not so is terrible for the device (in reasonable limits, it it is natural), considering its safety factors, but nevertheless to the good device - a good accessory!

The stylish holder with columns it will be quite good to be looked on office table

Original enough decision was thought up by Japanese who in the end of the last year have presented an amusing support in the form of armchair with hands. It is issued in different color variants that everyone could choose to itself(himself) a support as much as possible close to the flavouring preferences. To a word, hands can be bent any way that it is more reliable to fix a player. However, it yet all. Round "legs" are made not simply for the sake of an ornament, and are tiny columns which can reproduce records from a player. For a feed enough one AAA-battery or simple connection to net. They, by the way, not rigidly fasten inside of the case jukebox, and are disconnected so they can be placed anywhere in a room though, certainly, for preservation of corresponding style, columns should be left inside of the device.Cost -- $33.

Belt with a cover for iPod Nano
The quantity of every possible covers and cases for iPod is already so great, that it is possible to speak about it, as about the whole industry which have grown on popularity of a child of Steve Jobs, and bringing let not such huge, but all the same very quite good income. To survive in such sharp competitive struggle, to manufacturers to have mock to draw attention of the consumer. So, those who did Tunebuckle obviously appealed to the small sizes iPod Nano. The matter is that buckle this belt acts not only as a decorative ornament, but also as a case for a player.
The belt with such case will reliably protect yours iPod Nano

Is issued three basic kinds of a belt. In the first case the player will be protected from different directions, except for the obverse panel which, nevertheless, nevertheless will be covered by a rigid film. This type of a belt - for the most convenient management and the control over reproduction. The second variant already completely covers a player with metal panels, leaving only small round cut for work with click-wheel. And, at last, the third variant gives full protection, entirely dress up iPod in metal. It, certainly, is not so convenient at frequent switching between tracks, but the favourite player will avoid the main scourge of all new iPod -- scratchs. Cost -- $60.

Purse Wullford Wallet for iPod Nano
"All I carry with myself" -- the motto which many adhere. Users iPod -- not exception. For such fans to hold all in one place company Marware has prepared for a surprise -- a wallet which at first sight a little than differs from hundreds thousand precisely same leather purses. But it is necessary to open, how you understand, why this production should interest admirers of company Apple.
In this wallet it is possible to place not only money, but iPod Nano

On that place where at usual wallets the branch for a trifle is located, is available special pocket for iPod Nano. By itself it not "deaf person", and has a transparent film of management and cut for connection of headphones. Lacks at such wallet two. The first -- to switch tracks it is necessary to take out a purse from a pocket and "to shine" it (if, certainly, at you is not present a remote control). It, understand, a superfluous occasion for pickpockets "to make a rack". Well, and if you, OMG, will lose, together with a cash and credit cards, lose and a favourite player. Cost -- $35.

Dock-station iPod DJ Dock Station in the form of the DJ
Desire to use the iPod even during those moments when it is possible to apply other sound-reproducing equipment peculiar to many users. And, by itself, to manufacturers it is quite clear. However standard headphones which seem, the most obvious decision in this case, banal enough decision for those who lives and buys things in style Think Different. Therefore manufacturers too have decided to make Different, and have invested quite usual stereosystems with the unusual form of the club DJ.
This support-DJ will rotate disks in a step of music

It is enough to establish a player in a jack on the case of this freakish dock-station, to choose a track, to see, how the DJ starts to give out scratchs in a step of lost music. In addition on the case near columns are rhythmically lit and bulbs die away, creating some strike of disco-club. On sale the electronic DJ will appear more close by the end of current year on a guiding price $100.

Cover-strings iPod Thong for iPod Nano
One more cover in the today's review will be very unusual copy which is a typical example of when race for originality to be brought to the detriment of quality. Certainly, it is possible to understand, when the manufacturer paints the product all colors of a rainbow, sew it from a wool or decorates with down and ostrich's feathers. It, certainly, brightly, but the case, nevertheless, is protected not completely. In this case the screen, yes a small part of the forward and back panel of the case is covered only.
Case for iPod, made in the form of strings

The cover issued in the form of strings can be carried somehow -- though on a neck on lace, though on a belt. It is looked, certainly, exotically and attractively, especially, if owner such accessory prefers similar style in clothes, but, we shall repeat from the point of view of functionality -- advantage almost any as on the parts opened to the world such "sexual" case will not rescue the case from occurrence of scratchs. Cost -- $35.

Sleeping set Pause for iPod
Pleasant music at bedtime -- one of the best ways to calm down after difficult, can, even the nervous working day and is quiet fall asleep. Brisk manufacturers and here have not missed an opportunity to earn additionally on general world iPod-madness, having developed a special double bed which can be used equally well, both with a player, and without it. However, in a context of given clause to all of us the second variant is more preferable.
At first sight, it is simply sleeping set, but the business it is grinded for sharing with iPod

On one of bed-side bedside-tables there is a special jack for a player through which the sound is transferred to acoustic systems Bose (yes, this company founders of iPod-accessories) very love. At will of the owner, it is possible to complete set with other acoustics or to make the second dock-station on the next bedside-table. In a batch production this accessory is not started up yet, but even when sales will begin, this furniture will be done to order, and the price hardly will be less $1000.

Swimming trunks iPod Underware for iPod
Though the summer in an average strip, apparently, is final, many still hasten in the warm countries to lead lawful holiday or a vacation, accumulating a useful solar energy for long Russian winter. iPod together with the owners, but here the ill luck, on a beach where quantity weared clothes minimally (variants when it is absent absolutely, we do not consider), a question where to put iPod to become as never actual also goes. Will agree, what not the most bulky leather cover -- not most combined with swimming trunks.
These "clothes" for a player, will help to not leave it even on a beach

And here, yes it is valid, it is possible to use special swimming trunks with pocket for a player. The player sits in it densely enough, but a fabric thin, that to the full allows to use touch management without any problems. The main thing, before bathing to not forget, that the player nevertheless is afraid some water. Cost -- $25.

Accessory for bathing Atech iPod Toilet Dispenser
During hygienic procedures it is possible to have a good time differently but why to not listen to a new album of the favourite executor, as at whom is iPod - all cards in hands. The sound system possesses, clearly, columns and necessary connector, and their two - for usual iPod and flash-versions Shuffle. Management is carried out by means of buttons on the top panel of the device so about wheel it will be possible to forget managements for a while.
Even the bathroom has fallen a victim to iPod-mania

To buy this unusual accessory it is possible already now in the western shops. To a word, pay attention to a photo - at once it is visible, that in the complete set of delivery there is one more vital subject for the modern user. Cost -- $100.

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